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7 reasons my stepdad is better than yours

Felicia Pinkney's stepdad

He rarely went out without a hat.

It takes a special man to be a stepdad. Mine made a peaceful transition on Saturday, April 26, 2014.

Boyd Baylor, Sr., thank you:

(1) for marrying my mom, a widow with two young daughters

(2) for preparing me for Army boot camp by marching me around the kitchen, with a broom as my makeshift M16

(3) for your own military service

(4) for your 20-plus years of hard work in housekeeping at LSU Medical Center-Shreveport

(5) for showing your 6 children and 2 stepdaughters how to clean a house “from top to bottom”

(6) for your creative use of cuss words that always made us laugh (There must be an award for that with your name on it).

Felicia Pinkey's stepdad

He always cleaned up nice.

(7) for showing us that stepchildren and biological children were to be treated equally

I’m so thankful we got the chance to love on you during the last hours of your life. May you rest in peace among the angels.



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