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What we’re reading this week

Have You Ever Seen a Duck in a Raincoat?, by Etta Kaner, with illustrations by Jeff Szuc. Duck in a Raincoat
Have you ever seen a duck in a raincoat? No? How about a cheetah in soccer cleats, or an eagle in a baseball cap? This cute book mixes humor and science to explain to curious little ones why animals don’t wear clothing like people do. For example,  we wear raincoats to keep dry, but what do ducks do?  They use their beaks to spread oil all over their bodies. The water beads up and slides right off their feathers. Turns out the oil is built right into their feathers. Who knew?

Readers are sure to get a kick out of Szuc’s fun illustrations  – just try not to laugh at the jackrabbit in shorts!

We can’t wait to read more books from this new series, which will include Have You Ever Seen an Octopus With a Broom?, coming this fall. (Kids Can Press, $14.95) For ages 4 to 7

Send an email with your name and mailing address to by noon each Friday. Winning entries will be entered in a drawing and chosen randomly. Happy reading!


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