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Books on your child’s wish list

Started holiday shopping for the kiddos yet? If not, don’t forget to add books to the list. They’re sure to enjoy finding these among their gifts this holiday season or anytime of year:


  • Chester's Back, by Mélanie WattChester’s Back, by Mélanie Watt. Chester the cat has a big ego – so big that he even sabotages this book with his red marker and diva-like demands. Limousines, jelly beans and marquee billing are just a few of his must-haves. Chester’s Back is the sequel to Chester, whose popularity is partly to blame for this feline’s inflated ego. (Kids Can Press, $18.95)
  • Berkeley’s Barn Owl Dance, by Tera Johnson and Tania Howells. Berkeley the owl loves to dance, and she loves her Momma and Poppa Owl. But when it comes time for Berkeley to leave the nest for good, she’s not sure she can face the world by herself. Who’ll be there to watch her “flappity, tappity, clap, clap, clap?” (Kids Can Press, $16.95)Looking Closely Across the Desert, by Frank Serafini
  • Looking Closely Inside the Garden and Looking Closely Across the Desert, by Frank Serafini.
    very closely. What do you see? Cornsilk? A lion’s mane? What could it be?” This series of close-up photographs inspires kids to get up close and personal with nature and to use their imagination to determine what’s on the next page. (Kids Can Press, $16.95 each)
  • Sir Reginald’s Logbook, by Matt Hammill. Sir Reginald has a wild imagination. The armchair explorer takes readers on a journey through his jungle of a living room to find the Lost Tablet of Illusion, which turns out to be something quite unexpected. (Kids Can Press, $17.95)


  • Naming Liberty, by Jane Yolen. As 7-year-old Gitl emigrates with her family from Russia to America,Naming Liberty Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, a young French artist, dreams of building a monument to honor freedom. Readers get two history lessons in one here: a behind-the-scenes look at an immigrant’s journey, and some insight about how the Statue of Liberty came to be. (Philomel Books, $16.99) 

FOR AGES 8 and older

  • Gotcha! 18 Amazing Ways to Freak Out Your Friends, by David Acer. Doubting Dave and his team ofGotcha Mystery Hunters have a few tricks up their sleeves, and they want to show young readers how to impress their friends. For instance, they’ll learn how to make Bigfoot prints, UFO photos, crop circles and more. Or, try the experiments on hypnosis, spoon bending and ESP. (Kids Can Press, $16.95)
  • Sea Queens: Women Pirates Around the World, by Jane Yolen. Some of the greatest pirates ever known were women? Who knew? From Artemisia to Jeanne de Belleville to Madame Ching,  Yolen gives a swashbuckling account of 12 ladies who took charge in what is typically a man’s domain. (Charlesbridge, $18.95)

One comment on “Books on your child’s wish list

  1. Phebe
    December 7, 2008

    Just found your blog today. Since you mentioned children’s books, thought I’d introduce you to Barefoot Books if you don’t already know about them. High literacy quality, beautifully illustrated, celebrates art, story, diversity and oneness of humanity.
    Enjoy, mom!

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