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Hollywood’s calling…

Janet Leigh Psycho shower sceneMy 2-year-old is on her way to becoming Hollywood’s next “scream queen.” I’m sure of it.

I have NEVER, in my seven years of raising children, heard any child scream like that. (I’ll post an audio clip soon, so you can hear for yourself.)

It’s like she reaches from deep within her soul to channel her inner Janet Leigh (you know, the lady from the original “Psycho” film.)

She screams when she doesn’t get her way, such as the time I said “No candy” as we were in the checkout line at Kroger.

Even the cashier said, “Wow!” about her wailing.

She also screams when she’s happy, such as the time we went to Baby Loves Disco in Dallas.

Yeah, other kids were screaming like crazy, but my child topped them all.

Do you think your child can give mine a run for her money? Let’s discuss — quietly, of course.


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